Art with a (Re)Purpose

Welcome to AUUC’s first environmental art show! It will be presented after our Earth Day service and it is our first ever online art show! See how “trash” can be beautiful as interpreted by some of our artists and friends.

Here are the artists and their creations

Daria Akers

I love giving new life to old things by creating art from recycled items. I enjoy upcycling things that people would usually discard, like old frames or cigar boxes. I’ve recently discovered Upcycle Creative Reuse Center in Alexandria and loved attending their weekly Tinker Time. 

Daria Akers
Recycled Cigar Box Lamp100% recycled cigar box lamp and shade. Even lamp parts came from a different lamp.
Art Journal #1 – CDs, day by day calendar, magazines, and pieces of random hand embellished papers.
Art Journal #2Magazine pages, stamps, drawing.
Art journal #3Day by day calendar, paper punches
Flowers100% recycled! Done at Tinker Time at Upcycle Creative Resource Center: big white flower is actually a bow for a package.
T-Shirt BagNo sew t-shirt bags
Yarn Chalice100% recycled! Done at Tinker Time at Upcycle Creative Resource Center. Frame, yarn, calendar page.
Art Journal #4DRYER SHEETS (I kid you NOT) colored for the background, day by day calendar. magazine pages, yarn, messed up Zentangle drawing
Art journal #5Puzzle pieces, stamped paper

Barbara Aigen

Who cannot part with old calendars? We all have a few. I convinced my friends to clean their closets, and I made fun use of the beautiful calendar art.

Barbara Aigin
Going Home Calendar art collage
Tea Party at Greenspring Gardens ParkCalendar Art Collage
Cats and DaffodilsCalendar Art Collage
Bird MusicOld sheet music and calander

Cathy Burnett

My name is Cathy Burnett.  I am usually a watercolor artist, but for this “Recycled Items Repurposed to Art” project I used brown paper bags, packing box cardboard, old magazines, glue and recycled frames.

Cathy Burnett
The Greek LuncheonI cut up old magazines and computer picture leftovers and mounted them on packing box cardboard to create a collage in tribute to our Auction Win last year.  Mary Rose and Ken treated us to an authentic Greek Lunch on their back deck.
The Animal TreePaper bag art. Scherenschnitte (paper cutting) I attempted to practice an old Swiss-German paper cutting technique called Scherenschnitte,( paper cutting, like when you make snowflakes).  I used brown paper bags, small scissors, glue and cardboard. 

Connie Diamant

Connie Diamant began working in fiber arts  nearly 20 years ago when she retired from university administrative work.  She has knitted and crocheted since she was nine but began weaving in 2001.  The arts have always been part of her life since her father was an amateur watercolorist and her mother was a renowned dress designer in the Midwest.  The tactile nature of fiber provides a great medium for exploring the intersection of color and texture and weaving brings it all together and grows in front of you as you work.  Connie teaches Saori style weaving (free weaving) in her home studio and thoroughly enjoys sharing her knowledge and introducing others to the absolute pleasure of creating beautiful things.

Going to the Prom. (wall hanging)
Going to the Prom Clock The wall hanging and the clock were created from used tuxedo ties after the Prom Season in 2014.  I was challenged by a group of artists to create a work in black and white.  I called Men’s Wearhouse to find out what they did with used Prom ties.  They told me they package them and ship them to a land fill in China (what a waste of fuel).  I asked if I could have some and within a week a box of ties appeared. 
Savannah Nights. (framed wall hanging) This wall hanging was done in Savannah after taking a class on spinning art yarns.  Most of the materials in this are repurposed bits and pieces of things that were spun in to the yarns.  The frame is definitely old and used and much loved.  The inspiration for this work came from sitting on my hotel porch overlooking the city and seeing the sparkling street lights and the iconic Savannah squares

Peggy Eckerman

Wearing my latest creation.

Peggy Eckerman
Tee Shirt Face MaskI painted this with watered down inks dropped from an eye dropper.
Legacy QuiltFront view. Since I made this quilt in 1981 for the church, time has taken its toll. I took this opportunity to remake and update the quilt so it will last a while longer. I added a new back and batting and lots of new stitching.
Legacy QuiltBack of Legacy Quilt

Jill Jones

Jill Jones entered her creative phase when she and Daria Akers went to Upcycle for the first time last December. As a result of the quarantine, she is having fun experimenting and creating artwork from upcycled material.

Asian CollageFrame from Upcycle, pictures from old calendar.
Toulouse-Lautrec collage — Curb alert frame, paintings from a book about Henri de Toulouse Lautrec.

Mosaic ChaliceThe frame I had, mosaic is broken glass pieces from Upcycle.

Yarn ChaliceYarn and background from Upcycle.

Paper ChaliceCurb alert frame. Chalice made from 2019 Washington Post calendar.

Picture ChaliceMade from Upcycled Yarn I bought the frame and mat for $3.

Letter JWood letter, decoupaged hummingbirds from a hummingbird that was my Aunt’s.

Kumutha Lane

I am 42 years old and I am a stay at home mom for two children ages 13 and 10. I have been quilting and sewing since I was 17 years old. I like to help people fix and repair antique quilts and I also customize new quilts  for clients. 

 Recently, my interest has been saving fabric and clothes from going to the landfills. I find fabric and old clothes from donated items, good will and yard sales and turn them into various fabric craft items such  as Christmas heart ornaments, notebook covers and redesigning all the clothes to make them look new and fun and interesting ways.

Kumutha Lane
Notebook Cover #1Made with an old Indian blanket and covered with Kantha stitches. Kantha is a form of Indian embroidery stitch.
Notebook Cover #2Made with an old pair of jeans and scraps of fabric. It is also covered with Kantha stitches and some block printing and various craft items found in the house.
Heart PillowsMade for a client using a blanket that belonged to their beloved cat that had passed away. Buttons and lace were donated items. The hearts also have little shirt buttons sewn on.

Decorated DressThe black dress was purchased at a yard sale for $1. The colorful hexagons were made from scraps of fabric left over from a quilting project. They were sewn together first and hand appliqued to the dress.

Kristina Watts

I like to relax by making arts and crafts. As an environmental scientist and educator I’m always trying to think of ways to reduce our waste, so I look for creative ways to re-use items instead of throwing them away, and making useful, beautiful things is a great way to do that. I also love bringing fun reuse activities to children because it’s important to get our next generation thinking proactively and creatively.

Kristina Watts

Garden Ball – Made from a candle holder.
Garden DecorationSecret message mailbox out of a spaghetti sauce jar.
Wind Chime – Made from a snapple bottle and old jewelery.

Rag RugRag rug I made from old socks and tee-shirts.
Another Rag RugAlso made from old socks and tee-shirts.

And just like that, it’s over!

We’d like to thank the artists who participated in our first-ever virtual art show. The tech team, the artists, the leadership who supported this, the kids who lent us their enthusiasm were all part of making this a special event. But it is you, the audience, that makes it the most special.

From all of us, to all of you, many thanks!

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